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Mr.  C.  B.  Yates
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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Hill Valley High

It is with great pride that I welcome you to Hill Valley High School. Our building is home to over 2,100 students in grades nine through twelve and over 175 enthusiastic staff members. At all hours of the day and night, Hill Valley is alive with the sounds of people working, playing, laughing and enjoying all kinds of educational activities, musical and cultural performances, as well as athletic competitions.

During an average day at our school, students and staff can be seen reviewing classroom lessons, studying for exams, working together on club initiatives, planning field trips, or working on individually designed programs and projects. Our dedicated faculty works hard to demonstrate exceptional teaching and reflects the best practices in education, while also providing many assistance opportunities for students who are struggling and for students who wish to be challenged at higher levels. Many students can be found working with teachers well before first period, as well as throughout the day, after school, in the evenings and even occasionally on weekends. Our teachers' commitment to Hill Valley students is what sets them apart from many faculties across the State of Georgia.

Hill Valley High School prides itself on a course catalog that boasts nearly two hundred courses offering students a variety of academic opportunities. In addition to the major subject areas of language arts, math, science, social studies, and world languages, students may also choose to take classes in physical education, art, music, technology, and business. The variety and level of our course offerings are without fail the most impressive aspect of Hill Valley High School. Our emphasis is to encourage all students to take courses that challenge them to push their academic limits. Because of this and more, Hill Valley was recognized in 2005 as an Advanced Placement Certified School in Oz County. We offer more than twenty Advance Placement courses for our students and therefore better prepare our students for the rigor of college.

I have learned many things during my twenty year career. Perhaps what is most important is the notion that everyone needs to feel connected to someone or something to be a productive member of society, both inside the school setting and beyond. I see that come to fruition on a daily basis as principal; students are encouraged to find their passion and connect with the person or people who are participating in that activity as well. With a wonderfully committed faculty, over one hundred co-curricular offerings at Hill Valley High School, there is something for everyone. What has impressed me most is the maturity that our students demonstrate and the consistent theme of acceptance that is evident among our student body. We recognize that our school community is a microcosm of "the real world" and we understand that we must respect each other and live together in peace and harmony. Our mission is to educate each and every student and to better prepare him or her for the world beyond Hill Valley High School. Because of this I feel that our students leave Hill Valley well prepared. I look forward to each day with enthusiasm as Hill Valley High School strives to be the best high school in the state of Georgia! Go Hawks!

C.B. Yates