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Guidance Office Information


Counselor Appointments and Parent/Teacher Conferences                                                                                                                                                                                   Appointments can be made by students or parents through the guidance receptionist. This can be done in person or by calling our office. There is always a counselor that is on-call for emergency situations. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled and coordinated through the guidance office and typically take place at 7:45 am in the guidance suite . Please keep in mind that we require to give the teachers at least 2 days notice for parent/teacher conferences.

 Career Center and Scholarships
The Career Center is located adjacent to the guidance suite and contains a wealth of information.  Computer stations are available for students and parents to access college and financial aid information.  Hard copy applications for admission and scholarships are also available in the Career Center.  Numerous other publications and resources are stored in the center for student/parent use as well.  Additionally, scholarship information is posted in the weekly Advisement newsletter that is read to students every Tuesday.  This information is also posted on our website at Lassiter .org and is scrolled on our classroom televisions throughout the school.  Throughout the year, colleges and universities representatives will visit our campus and greet students in our career center.  Students can check the monthly calendar on the guidance office front door for schools and dates and may obtain a pass from the guidance receptionist on the morning of the visit.

Classroom Guidance and Groups
The guidance staff takes a proactive role in trying to meet the needs of students by implementing a curriculum based classroom guidance plan to each grade level. Small group counseling is also implemented by counselors on an as needed basis.

9th and 11th Grade Advisement Sessions
9th grade:  Each Spring all 9th grade parents and their students are invited to attend a comprehensive advisement session.  These informative sessions will provide a four plan of proposed courses to be taken as well as other pertinent information needed to help ensure a successful high school experience.  Upon review of each individual student's curriculum, emphasis on taking a more rigorous curriculum including honors and AP courses may take place.

11th grade:  During the Fall semester of 11th grade, parents and students are invited back in to meet individually with their guidance counselor to review the four-year plan.  Other information such as college and financial aid information will also be discussed.  The AP Potential instrument is also utilized to target and create awareness on student's potential ability to take more advanced courses such as honors and AP.

Parent/Student/Teacher Workshops
Throughout the school year various programs and workshops will be implemented for parents and students. Examples of such are "College Bound and Inside the NCAA" and "How to Survive your Freshmen Year of College."

The Guidance staff helps coordinate several standardized tests throughout the school year.

The PSAT is given each Fall to all sophomores as well as to juniors who choose to pay for it. By taking the PSAT the junior year students may become eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

All juniors take the Georgia High School Graduation Tests. The Writing is administered in the Fall followed by the English, Math, Science, and Social Studies in the Spring.

Students will typically begin to take the SAT and ACT during their junior year. Hard copy applications can be obtained through the guidance office or apply online for the SAT at or the ACT at

Peer Helpers
The Peer Helper Club is facilitated through the guidance department. The Peer Helpers offer a wide range of support activities and participates in various fund raising and community service projects to help the Lassiter student and staff population as well as the Cobb County community.

Homework Requests

If a student is going to be out for up to 3 days or more due to illness or other related issues, a parent may call the guidance office to request their work.  Guidance tries to give teachers a 24 hour notice for requested work.  Teachers are to drop off the work in the "homework" bin located in the front area of the guidance office.  Parents may retrieve the homework in guidance during normal guidance hours.